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Great Realtor on Zillow

Posted by David Salmanson on August 16, 2019

Ranking on Zillow

A great realtor will rank your house #1 on Zillow!

Marketing is KING when it comes to real estate sales and being ranked high on Zillow proves to be very important for real estate agents and home owners. The more chances potential buyers have to view your home, the more chances you will have to sell your home fast and well!

Great Realtor will rank your property as number 1 on Zillow.

Great Realtor will rank your property as number 1 on Zillow.

Sell your home with great realtor David Salmanson today!

Why Ranking Homes for Sale Matters

Being ranked high on Zillow has great advantages because Zillow connects people looking to buy houses with real estate agents, realtors, mortgage lenders and anyone who wants to connect with them.  Zillow is ranked very high on which is a huge source of traffic, as millions of users use the Google search when looking for a home to buy. Because  Zillow website ranks very well for most real estate related keywords their online real estate is very valuable when it comes to reaching potential home buyers.

You may read more about Zillow’s dominance on Google SEO here

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