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What is a Single Family Home?

Posted by David Salmanson on November 27, 2020

Property type: Single Family Home

We all have heard the term single family home, but what exactly does it mean?

Single-family home is a real estate term that every home buyer should become acquainted with. This is true especially if you are looking to buy a new home, when it is important to become familiar with the different real estate property types.

In general, a single family home term represents a free standing structure, located on its own piece of land. It should not be attached to another house or structure, such as a townhome or another house. It needs to be separated by a piece of ground, and not share a wall with another building. It also should have its own plumbing, heating and air conditioning as well as utilities.

Difference between a single family home and multi family home

In contrast to a single family home, a multi family home consists of 2 or more living units that share walls. For example duplexes, triplexes and other multi unit structures are considered multi family homes.

Advantages and disadvantage of single-family homes


  • Privacy: Owning a single family home is a preferable housing choice for many families because it provides privacy to their residents, and a sense of having their own yard.
  • Space usage: single family homes usually have more storage spaces such as garage, attic and outdoor sheds or barns. Families can store their cars, bicycles, extra personal items without leaving the premises of their home.
  • Personal appearance: with single family homes, the owners can enjoy the freedom of painting and landscaping around their property in accordance with their taste. They can choose things like a home exterior color and design, which you cannot do while living in a condo or a townhome. They can also landscape their yard and front of the house as they please.


  • Price: it is usually more expensive to buy a single family residence than to buy a condo or a townhouse.
  • Maintenance Responsibility: usually the responsibility of maintaining their yard, pool and landscaping a single family home belongs to the home owner, whereas when living in a condo or another multi family housing unit, you have the luxury of the HOA taking care of such maintenance.

Singe family homes are a great choice for most growing families. Having a yard to play on for the children is usually a plus, along with the privacy that comes along with that property type. At times, people will chose condos and townhomes when they are starting out and then upgrade to a single family residence.

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