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Flipping houses in West Hills, CA

Posted by David Salmanson on May 23, 2021

Tips and Advice on flipping Houses in West Hills, California. Finding the right fixer is the key to a successful home flip! With real estate market hot and a shortage of homes for sale, finding a great fixer upper is like finding a gem in the rough. If done the right way, flipping a house in this crazy hot market can make you a lot of money in a short amount of time. Fixer upper is a house that is currently in poor shape and in need of major repairs. Here are some tips on how to find the right fixer-upper.

  1. Talk with a real estate professional who specializes in finding fixer-uppers.
  2. Drive around the neighborhood where you are interested in buying the house. Oftentimes, you will be able to identify a fixer upper by just looking at the exterior where it looks like the house is neglected, the lawn is overgrown and not maintained, and overall, it looks like the house needs some TLC.
  3. Check out foreclosures in the area. Often, when the owners can no longer afford to pay mortgage, they stop paying for maintenance realizing that the house will be handed back to the bank.
  4. Check local tax records for delinquent property taxes. Those records will indicate that the owners are struggling to make payments and they may be having financial issues, that could lead to house demise.
  5. Make sure to perform thorough inspection to make sure that the house has no serious structural damage and the only needed renovations are cosmetic. The best fixer uppers simply just require new floors, updated bathrooms and kitchen and a coat of paint on the inside and outside. Occasionally, you may remove a non-structural wall to create a more open space.
  6. Check to ensure that there are no major plumbing or electrical issues that would require completely redoing pipes or require full electrical wiring.
  7. Set a realistic budget and a time line to make sure that you profit from your house flip.

Now, as the 2021 housing market has been on fire, it is a great time to find a fixer upper in cities such as West Hills, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Agoura Hills and surrounding areas.

Recently one of David Salmanson’s client very successfully purchased, remodeled and flipped a great property in West Hills

23719 Welby Way, West Hills, CA 91307


BEFORE: bought for $705,000


View the Full Gallery of this West Hills Fixer Upper!

AFTER: sold for $920,000



View full gallery of this West Hills fixer upper after remodel!

This property was bought, remodeled and sold in just 3 months, making it a very successful house flip in West Hills, CA 91307

If you are interested in buying or selling your home in West Hills, Please contact your West Hills realtor David Salmanson at 818-421-2170

For more information, check out the beginner’s guide to house flipping.

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