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Calabasas Relocation Realtor

Posted by David Salmanson on November 22, 2021

If you are considering moving to Calabasas, CA, it is very helpful to contact your Calabasas Relocation Realtor David Salmanson at 818-421-2170.

As a relocation realtor, David specializes in helping his clients move to Calabasas. Here are some services he will offer.

  1. Find your new home in Calabasas. David will source out homes for sale that best meet your requirements, including size, price and community. He will coordinate home showings and price negotiations for your new property. He will also provide you with Calabasas school information, local services and community information. There are many gated communities in Calabasas, and the prices can vary drastically.
  2. Handle all inspections, escrow and closing procedures. Coordinating escrow and closing procedures can be complicated and you will need a specialist to handle them in order to ensure that all timelines work. David will work with your new home selling agent and your existing home realtor to make sure that both escrows close in time for you to move. This becomes extremely important when the purchase of your new home in Calabasas is dependent on the sale of your existing house.
  3. Moving Assistance. Your relocation specialist will work with your moving company to ensure that your new home is available for everything to arrive and get set up. If your home is located in a gated community, he will also handle all access codes to make sure all deliveries run smoothly and there are no delays.

If you are looking to move out of Calabasas to a new location, David also provides outbound relocation services.

  1. Selling your Calabasas Home. David will help you get your home ready for sale quickly. He is very familiar with the Calabasas Real Estate market and he will price your home so that it sells quickly for the best possible price. David will help you make quick fixes, stage your home and fix up the curb appeal if needed to make sure that your home is appealing to potential buyers. He will then arrange for photos and videos to be taken and list it on MLS.
  2. Coordinate Escrow instructions with your new home agent. Once you accept an offer from your buyers, David will coordinate escrow instructions and work with your new home real estate agent to make sure all time lines are in order for your new home escrow to close on time.
  3. Moving arrangements. David will help you find the right moving and packing company to assist you with your transition.

Please call David at 818-421-2170 to arrange a consultation and start packing! His services are backed by experience, great client relations and top rated realtor reviews.

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