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Hidden Hills or the Oaks?

Posted by David Salmanson on September 25, 2020

Hidden Hills or The Oaks in Calabasas?

“Which one of these two affluent gated communities in Calabasas is better?” is a common question among celebrities, sports superstars, and notable people who move from the West Side, Beverly Hills and Bell Air to the live in Calabasas.

Hidden Hills and The Oaks, are the two most exclusive gated communities in Calabasas, both with homes reaching over $30,000,000 in value, but both communities are very different from each other. Let’s take a look at each one of them very closely.

  • Hidden Hills is conveniently situated close to the 101 freeway and the Calabasas Commons and with its three entry gates, it is easily accessible to its residents.
  • From the moment you enter this exclusive community, you notice that it boasts with bridle trails, white equestrian fences, abundant trees, and a charming atmosphere. With its authentic, rustic, and equestrian look and feel, Hidden Hills is a truly unique place to live.
  • All homes are distinguished, featuring different architectural styles, lavish grounds, with occasional stables and equestrian arenas.
  • The entire neighborhood lacks sidewalks and street lights, providing an authentic atmosphere and utmost privacy at nightfall.
  • Each home is unique and has its own unique sign on a front lawn with the name that speaks for the heart of the home. Each house is not just a number. You could be driving down the street and see homes with all different looks and styles, sizes and architecture.
  • The Hidden Hills community features a community center with a social hall and a gated pool, built-in BBQ area, basketball courts, tables, chairs, and umbrellas that allow for community gatherings. Driving through this beautiful neighborhood, you will see children riding bikes, setting up lemonade stands, and families walking and running through the community. The Community center also features a performing arts theater where Hidden Hills residents produce and perform theatrical performances for both children and adults.
  • This is a perfect community to raise a family, enjoy privacy, serenity, and a tranquil way of life.
  • Over the past few years, many notables and celebrities such as Drake, Miley Cyrus, LeAnn Rimes, Jessica Simpson, The Weekend, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West as well as many others have moved to Hidden Hills.

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The Oaks in Calabasas is an exclusive gated community located in the heart of Calabasas.

  • However, when compared with Hidden Hills, The Oaks is located a little further away from the 101 Freeway and the Calabasas Commons.
  • On your way to the Oaks coming from the 101 freeway, you will pass numerous upscale Calabasas gated communities, well-manicured landscaped with flowers and trees median along Parkway Calabasas.
  • As you arrive at the sole 24-hour guarded gate, you will be awed by the grand entrance with a spectacular looking gate with a  fountain.
  • From the moment you enter the Oaks, you will notice that this gated neighborhood is very well maintained with the neat landscape, sidewalks, ample street lighting.
  • The homes are considered to be a track development with similar floor plans, however, each homeowner was able to select different finishes.
  • There is a 3.5-acre community part with a clubhouse, tennis and basketball courts, and a large swimming pool.
  • There are multiple jogging and walking trails throughout the neighborhood.
  • The Oaks homes range in size and price but as a  general rule, homes that are located on the same street are similar in lots size and square footage. The most affordable homes are located closer to the gate and they are usually built on lots that range from 0.25-0.30 acres and range from 3,000-5,000. As you drive further into the Oaks, you will come across streets that have homes on lots that range from 0.3-0.5 acres, and those homes have views and are larger in size, with a square footage of 5,000+. These homes are also similar in look and feel depending on which street you are on.
  • Then, there is the most upscale part of the Oaks, called the Oaks Estates, or the Gate behind the Gate. It is the most exclusive part of the Oaks, located behind an extra security gate. Homes at the Estates at the Oaks range in size and prices with the most exclusive estates value over $32,000,000. These homes have unique architectures, lavish grounds, and some of the most exclusive finishes and amenities you would find in all of California.
  • This is where celebrities such as Bruce Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber have their exclusive residences and enjoy privacy and luxury away from the spotlight of Hollywood.

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As a conclusion, it is hard to say which community is better because it really depends on one’s personal preference. If you enjoy an equestrian look and feel, natural trails and dusty roads, and homes boasting unique architectural styles, you would love Hidden Hills. If you however prefer well manicured grounds, sidewalks, grand and luxurious finishes, the Oaks would be a great choice. Both communities are exceptional and exclusive, and are great places to live.

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