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Sell my home in Calabasas, CA

Posted by David Salmanson on February 7, 2020

Many homeowners ask the same question: How do I sell my home in Calabasas?

There are many aspects of the real estate transaction to consider when starting a process of selling you home.

  1. When is a good time to sell your home? You should review the Calabasas real estate market and select the months with the higher average price for the year. That is usually the best time to sell your house for most money! In Calabasas, CA, that month is probably the month of March. It usually takes 3 months to sell your house.
  2. Finding the right Calabasas Realtor. In order to sell your home fast and hassle free, you should research local realtors and select an agent that specializes in selling homes in Calabasas, CA. You should review local realtor review boards such as
  3. Set the right price. Work with your Calabasas realtor to make sure you set the right price for your home. Review comps in the area and make sure that you are not over pricing your home.
  4. Prepare your home for sale. If you want to sell your home fast, you should complete all minor repairs to make your home presentable for sale. It is best to make sure that the walls are clean, there are not cracks in the floors, no leaks in faucets and the house appears tidy and not cluttered. Sometimes doing minor paint touch ups will give your home a more clean and crisp look. Buyers also like to see that a home they are considering for purchase had been well taken care of so attention to detail is important here. Curb appeal is also important. Sometimes planting a few shrubs and cleaning up your front porch can make a major difference in first impressions. Little details such as fixing a screech in a front door or fixing the loose handle will affect the first feeling that buyers get while entering your home. It is also important that the home smells good, when buyers come to see it. Usually the best choice is to select a light, clean air freshener to accomplish that task. You should also remove any excess of furniture and clutter.

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