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Woodland Hills Realtor helping out 3 families through Maiden Community

Posted by David Salmanson on May 5, 2021

Maiden Community was created by Kimberly Holman-Maiden with a mission to empower small local businesses with the magic of positivity. Over a few short months, it has grown to over 4500 members an has helped many people to emerge from the pandemic.

Today, Kim called out for help for three local residents who have been touched by tragedy, and the community responded with gifts and support to help them through the tough times.

David Salmanson, a local Woodland Hills realtor reached out to Kim and offered to create beautiful planters and stuff them with gift cards. These beautiful gifts will make a difference in the time of need.

Please consider supporting those in need.

We are stronger together!

Courtesy of Maiden Community

This morning at 7:20 a co-worker’s husband was in a horrific accident while on duty. He is law enforcement. He was hit head on by a big rig and he was on his motorcycle. It’s been all over the news. His wife, Alexa, is a behaviorist in my district and at my site. They are a young couple with 3 kids. He is in the ICU in a medically induced coma. Is there anything we can rally to help?

My name Nanditha, I am from Bangalore, India.. I moved to the United States in 2012 after I got married to my wonderful husband.. we had our first bundle of joy in October 2018.. he brought so much happiness to our family- he’s smart, fun loving kid and he loves his truck and has the ability to spin and spin unending stories about his favorite tow truck and dump truck.. we had our second boy in November, 2020 he was a happy and healthy little boy.. Unfortunately, 10 days later- I had a sharp shooting headache and 2 days after that I suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis of the left side of my body.. I spent 2 weeks in the ICU after a brain surgery and then 3 weeks in the rehabilitation unit trying to regain mobility on my body. In the peak of the pandemic, it felt like the longest 5 weeks of my life without visitors in the hospitalmissed my children and my husband dearly. I’m so grateful that I have my parents and husband who helped me through the situation managing the home front without a husband visited me at the hospital room window as he was not allowed inside giving me strength and moral support to help me make it through the tough times.. an ocean of moms donated breastmilk for my newborn.. my parents held the floor down at home through all this.. today, I am able to walk with a cane and I continue to get a ton of support frommy parents and my hand is slowly progressing with a lot of therapy..I’m so grateful for my wonderful family and strive to continually improve to have a full life sand be there for them when they need me.

My friend and employee Dennis has been battling cancer for a few years now. Last November he got covid. He has recovered from covid but the cancer is back and they want to do surgery. He works hard to support his family. During this time that he is unable to we need to pitch in so his family can continue paying the rent, bills and have food to eat.
Please donate anything you can. Even $5 is helpful.
Community Service and involvement is very important to David and he contributes when he can.



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