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Chumash Park

Posted by eric on July 26, 2022

If you want to start the day off with some fun activities, then visit Chumash Neighborhood Park in Simi Valley, CA. It’s an outdoor recreation center that features playground equipment for toddlers and older children, as well as a variety of sports courts. In addition, there’s a small dog park and plenty of parking spaces nearby.

Chumash Neighborhood Park in Simi Valley, CA

Park Amenities

  • Turf Area
  • Play Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Basketball Court
  • Restrooms
  • Dog Friendly

What is Chumash?

The Chumash are a Native American people who lived in what is now Simi Valley, California. The Chumash were hunter-gatherers and had a rich culture and history. They first arrived in California about 2,000 years ago. The Chumash lived in small villages along the Santa Ana River and its tributaries. In 1542, the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto came through Simi Valley and saw the Chumash living there. The Spanish called them “Chumash.” The Chumash language is a member of the Cahuilla language family. The Chumash were very friendly and helpful to the Spanish. The Spanish mission system spread Christianity among the Native Americans and the Chumash became Catholic. By 1822, there were only about 100 Chumash left in Simi Valley. In 1873, most of the Chumash people were moved to reservations in what is now San Francisco and Los Angeles counties. The last group of Chumash people was moved to their final reservation in Big Sur, California

How to Get to the Park?

To get to the Chumash Neighborhood Park in Simi Valley, CA, you can take the Ventura County Line bus from either Ventura or Simi Valley. The bus ride is about 15 minutes and will cost you $2.50. The park is also accessible by car. To get there, take the 101 Freeway (South) to the Via Verde exit and turn right on Via Verde. After a few blocks, turn left on Thunderbird Road and then right on North Chumash Boulevard. The park is located at the end of North Chumash Boulevard.

The Chumash Neighborhood Park in Simi Valley, CA is a great spot for a family outing! With plenty of activities for all ages, the park is perfect for a day spent outside. Kids will love the playground and swings, while parents can take advantage of the picnic tables and benches. There’s also a pond with fountains and a garden area to relax in. Parking is available at the park, so you don’t need to worry about getting there by car.

The Surrounding Area

The Chumash Neighborhood Park is located in Simi Valley, CA and offers residents and visitors a wide variety of amenities. The park includes a playground, a basketball court, a picnic area, and a dog field.

Location & Hours of Operation

Hours: 6m – 10pm
Phone: (805) 584-4400
Address:  3200 Flanagan St, Simi Valley CA 93063

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